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Classic Network is an effort to raise the bar for what consumers expect from home based services.

About Us

Classic Network is an Internet/Tv Service Provider, which was created in response to the market demand for a focused service and a competitive alternative to traditional ISPs. As an end user, you can benefit from our consistent internet services through our. We’ve invested heavily in our cutting edge infrastructure to ensure to be everyone’s preferred choice. As a partner, you can directly connect to our resilient buried fiber network for redistribution of internet connection to end users.

Classic Network is powered by National Broadband, Pakistan’s leading Internet,Data and managed services provider National Broadband has extended its operations to many cities of Pakistan.It has a robust buried fiber infrastructure which ensures uninterrupted services to all its customers.


    A market leader by providing quality and superior service to our customers, while learning from their feedback to set even higher standards for our services. A company that continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative solutions to cater to customer needs.

  • Classic Networks vision is to be the premier provider of high bandwidth and data connectivity solutions for customers who desire a private,flexible and scalable transport infrastructure. Our goal is to continue to monetize our superior fiber assets by providing large bandwidth customers with customized solutions that are superior to the tariffed offering of our competitors. We will achieve this vision by following these guiding principles: Our people are our most important asset. We differentiate ourselves though our customer focused attention to detail and our ability to listen and act on customer requirements. We will grow and expand within our niche by taking advantage of the many opportunities that exist for providing customers with purpose built networks that meet their ever expanding connectivity needs



We ensure to deliver proficient services that comprise high quality effciency and engagement through internet and tv services

Internet Service

Now enjoy buffering free videos on your favorite video streaming sites. Improve your online gaming experience with lower latency. Go online and beat the best to become the best.You can now upload large files on internet while downloading, without loss of bandwidths. Experience the true essence of internet browsing without the limitations of internet volume.Have an access to one-stop solution to movies, music, videos, dramas, games, and much more. Get TV-like experience whilst watching live TV shows, matches, news, and much more. Get the ultimate gaming experience with our highly consistent internet speed.

TV Services

Over 200 live and 60 plus analog television channels in vivid natural detail and a smart user interface, with an electronic program guide and recording feature.TV Nation is a revolutionary entertainment ecosystem that provides you a seamless viewing experience over multiple screens. You can power your television with our state-of-the-art set-top boxes or download our innovative web and smartphone applications to access new and high quality content from around the world.


Our technical experts and professionals provide support via email and telephonic calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We always focus on our customer satisfaction and also provide on-site support whenever necessary to avoid wastage of time.

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FTTH ( FIBER TO THE HOME ) - High Speed Lighting Fast Internet Crystal Clear Fiber HD TV. Classic Network offer state of the art broadband connection to your Fiber to Home with trunk network on Optical Fiber. Now you can take full advantage of Gigabit Network for your various network utilities.

NBB-11 Pro

NBB-20 Pro

NBB-25 Pro

NBB-30 Pro

NBB-50 Pro

NBB-100 Pro

  • All the Plus packages are shared internet circuits with seperate youtube circuit
  • All the above packages are shared internet circuits.
  • Fair usage policy is applied on all packages.


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